The Media club on a Tuesday :: Abstract Rude and Busdriver

Tuesday night after the art set up a few of us headed over to the Media club for some music entertainment.  This venue is so good if you have someone you like playing there, such a tiny thing, its almost like you are at private party.  I was waiting all summer for someone to come to Vancouver that I actually had interested, and of course in doesn’t fall on a weekend.

Show was starting a 9 so we walked over around 10 and timed it perfect.  Open Mike Eagle opened the show and did a pretty good job.  Warmed up the crowd, but the reason I was there was to see Abstract Rude.  I have been listening to his music for a while now and was pretty pumped.  He got things really going and think most of the crowd was there to see his show.   Show started to clean out a little once Busdriver got up but it was worth sticking around.

Once Busdriver got up I was so impressed.  So much engery, it was sick.  Loved every minute of the show, and I wasn’t even boozin.

abstract rude abstract rude2