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General Background.

I currently work for a family run construction and concrete company called General Concrete. I was previously in the gaming industry as an animator and still do small animation and design jobs. I have worked on several games, as well as worked on various design and animation projects with companies such as Puma, Macdonalds, Target, and Panasonic.

What I really like doing is art, photography, and triathlons…I do this when I have some free time. I like to share it and show it. I have a very wide range of interests and share all of them here.

Athletic Background.

Swam as a student at University of Lethbridge, then started running in 2006. Bought a bike in the summer of 2009 and started triathlon in 2010. Have completed a hand full of marathons, a bigger handful half marathons, 4 half ironman distance triathlons and 2 Ironman Canadas. I am looking to get back to Kona for 2014.

My Current PR times

2:58.3 Full Marathon in New Orleans 2011
1:20 Half marathon -hoping to sub 1:20 this Feb.
9:48 Ironman Canada Ironman Canada 2012/ 9:50 Ironman CDA 2013
4:20 for a close to iron distance in Vancouver 2013
25:14 2k swim in Kelowna 2011

1:13 5km swim