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A Week #19

Week #19   (r7)


Get another distance swim/ long stuff…low intensity.

Total day off — you’ve earned it, so kick your feet up and enjoy it! 


SWIM 0:45
600 Swim (every 4th 25 Build-up IM order — no free on build up 25s)


2 x 800 w/1:00 recovery between repeats
#1 @75-80%, Pull with perfect technique
#2 [email protected]% – 400 @80-85%, keep stroke count even during entire 800
200 Choice, below 60%
BIKE 1:20
15:00 getting your HR up to 60% — straight into
5 x 20 sec fast spinning (100+ rpm cadence) w/40 sec recovery spin @90 rpm
We’re bumping up the overall intensity of the Tuesday bike sessions for the next couple cycles before pulling the throttle back. The duration will get shorter as the intensity gets higher.
4 x 7:00 @ 85-95% with 3:00 easy spin between
Build up each 7:00 repeat within the zone. As the set progresses, spend more time above 90% within each repeat.
Continue spinning @~100 rpm, bringing your HR back down gradually to 60% with 5:00 left, and finally below 50% by the end.


RUN 1:30
20:00 warm up jog, allowing your body to slowly get up to 65-70% by the end.
As you fatigue, keep your upper body relaxed and your posture perfect.
Relaxed chest and breathing.
4 x 12:00 steady tempo @70-75% w/3:00 recovery @60-65% in between
Bring your HR back down to 60% with 5:00 remaining & 50% by the end.
BIKE 2:00
20:00 spinning @90-95rpm
– get your HR up to 60% in the first 12-15:00 and closer to 70% by 20:00
These drills are designed to help smooth your pedal stroke for greater efficiency:
6 x 3:00 ISO leg w/30 sec recovery after each
3 x 20:00 @75% w/3:00 easy spinning @60-70%
– hold 90-95rpm cadence throughout, and shift through several gears
to change the stress on your legs to keep them fresher
Spin easy in your small chain ring @95+rpm,

allowing your HR to return to 50% for the final few minutes.

Quick brick RUN after bike if its not too late.  -Not longer then 5 miles, between 3-5 miles hitting 2 miles at 6:30 pace.



SWIM 1:00
400 Swim – 200 IM – 200 Choice
Try to keep your stroke count even throughout the set. As you fatigue, concentrate on perfect technique–shoulder roll, tight streamlines off the walls, stretch out stroke in front and finish it back at your hip.
6 x 300 @ 75-84% w/:30 recovery — descend 1-3, 4-6
6 x 100 w/10 sec rest
– alternate 100IM / 100 Free
– keep your HR below 70% on IMs and 60% on Freestyles
RUN 1:15
Standard track workout format — use the suggested times only if you can’t get to a track.
20:00 easy jog, gradually raising your HR to 70%
– finish with 1-2 laps of accelerated running down the straightaways to get you ready for the main set:
We’re working towards more pure speed mixed with endurance. We want you to be getting faster but also becoming able to sustain faster speeds in races. Isn’t that what it’s all about anyway? This workout is to be done on a trail or bike path. The road is OK too, but running at the track isn’t necessary, though it can be done there.
12 x (2:00 fast/1:00 easy jog)
Start at a little slower than your 10k effort (about 85-88%) and try to make each repeat slightly faster so that the last few are faster than 5k speed.
Avoid starting out too fast. If you do, you will burn out and be running more slowly despite the fact that your HR is at 95% or higher. Try to remain consistent on your effort/speed of the recovery jogs. Do them very slowly, but keep them even.
Jog easy @60% or below to the end — walk backwards to stretch out yout calves and hamstrings the last 2-3:00 to complete your cool down


SWIM 0:45
400 easy swim
4 sets of the following:
150 IM (no free) @80-85% w/:15 rest
100 FR @90% w/:15 rest
50 IM order @90+% w/1:15 rest; go right into next set
600 Pull @ 60-70%; perfect technique


RUN 0:30
Do this run at night if you can, so that there is as much time as possible between it and yesterday’s track session.
Keep your HR below 65% — total recovery

Saturday, 7/5

BIKE 5:15
These rides are the perfect time to experiment with different fueling options, whether they be different products or different intervals between taking in your calories. Try to work out all the glitches and nail down what works best for you so you go into your race with the utmost confidence.
SWIM 0:30
10 x 75 (50 Swim – 25 Kick) w/:10 recovery
20 x 25 alt (25 fast with 25 moderate) w/:10 rest
300 easy recovery Swim

Sunday, 7/6

RUN 1:45
After 15:00 of warming up, settle into a pace between 65-75%. Be consistent and be sure to leave some energy for the rest of the workout. At 1:25, bump up the intensity to 80% for the last 20 minutes.
BIKE 0:45
Immediately after the run @ 75%. Quick transitions at both ends of the ride.
RUN 1:00
Get into your pace right away at 70-75% and hold it there for the first 30 minutes, then bump it up to 80-85% for 15 minutes before warming down the final 15 minutes.