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::A passion for trail Running::

I always find November to be a very tough month,  It’s dark, cold, and between seasons, not great for tri training or skiing.  Its dark at 4 o’clock,  its not a positive time in the calender for somoone who spends a ton of time outside, for work and for play.

I’ve found hitting the trails really helps me to keep positive and a lot more up beat.  If there is any ounce of hope of finishing work early or there is time on the weekend, I bounce to my favorite trail running spots.  Uninterrupted running on a long trail has to be one of my favorite training sessions.  Despite fall begin my least favorite season out of the 4, it is my favorite to run in on a sunny day.  Here is why….

This was all shot with my Olympus pen camera, really enjoy shooting with it the last few months. I’ll also do another brooks plug… I am finding the cascadia a really great shoe for any of those out their looking for a trail shoe.