40th BMO Vancouver Marathon Pre-race :: notes


In 2006 BMO Vancouver Marathon was my first solo running race since high school.  I went head first into the full marathon.   When I finished I thought I would never want to do it again,  just like a bad hangover.  This will be my 5th year in a row but 4th actually running it.  This has been my favorite race to date, and continues to be a race that sets me up for a solid racing season.  It’s been a PR race for me for as many times as I have raced it.

I'm 501, shaved for this years race. My Best Buddy to my left is in the sun visor with the moose knuckle. Super stoked to be racing.

Last years goal was to go after Boston in the full distance, this year I’m going after a New York half time of a 1:23 or less.   I hope  the half course is as good much as the full course…

I'm the middle...this was when I was starting to really feel it. Thought I would sport the Stash that year.

Winner of the full gets 2,000 —winner of the half gets 1,000.  I’m thinking that’s not a huge purse.     (photos ripped from the BMO site…actual race photos from years back)