Week #5

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Week #5


Week#5 -Stepping things up at little more for the weekend training volumes.  Keep in mind that the pace times are my own, I’ll try and add percentages for general purpose as well.

Make sure you write down your weekly logs, times for the tough sets and total training volumes.  Its very important to know what you are doing.  Its also good to know that your improving and have the numbers to prove it.  There are many free sites out there that do this for you.  I use Dailymile.com


SWIM 0:45 (optional–see how the body feels…)
400 Swim, bringing your HR up gradually to 65-70%
200 kick w/o board
3 x (4 x 50) w/10 sec rest, each set should be:
– #1 easy @60%; #2 @70%; #3 @75%; #4 @84%
4 x 300  on 4:35 @75-80%  (20 seconds rest)
4×50 on 1:00  race pace!
200 easy swim
BIKE OR RUN  0:40  (depending on how the body feels after a solid weekend, do a bike or run –usually which even one you feel more motivated to do)
I’ll be running since I plan on racing at the end of the month
Short warm up and then I’ll get into a 7 mile pace (65-70 percent) then cool for a mile
If you choose to the bike-  10 min warm up/ 20 minute high cadence-try not to sweat/ 10 min cool down.  Keep the effort low.  Its met to be relaxing, not a workout.  Just trying to steal some extra kms to help with volume.


Bike 1:15 (tough one for the week)

Keep your HR intensity below 70% during the first 15:00
7:30 in moderate gear @90-95 rpm, 7:30 in next harder gear @90 rpm
straight into:
6 x (15 sec fast spinning @ 105-110 rpm / 45 sec controlled spinning @90rpm)
allowing your HR to get closer to 75% (but not over)
4 x (3.1 miles / 5km / 8:30) on 10:00 interval (start one interval every 10:00)
descend the efforts: #1 & 2 @75%, #3 @84%, #4 @85%
Feel free to challenge yourself a bit here…
Cool down, gradually bringing your HR back under 70% for 5:00,
then down to 65% for 4:00, then finish below 60% for the last 3:00.
SWIM 1:00 (tough one for the week)
Today’s main set is the same distance as the previous target set (Feb 19), except today’s is broken into smaller pieces (100s vs. 150s). You should therefore be capable of going at least 1-2 sec per 100 faster than you did two weeks ago. Progression is key, and you should start seeing some significant progress at this time.
300 Swim, 100 Kick, 200 Pull 8 x 50 (25 easy / 25 fast) w/10 sec rest
15 x 100 @race pace (85+%) w/10 sec rest between each– keep track of your total time (add up the time for each of the 100’s) and record the average pace per 100 in your log book for future reference.
500 Swim @75% intensity — this will extend the aerobic activity
4 x 75 easy (60%) w/15 sec recovery after each


RUN 0:50– I have a loop that I can adjust the length very easily.  I find it a good measuring stick to use a frequent route. (if you have the ability to do these together do the bike first and run second to get a nice mid week brick.)


Spend the 1st mile warming up, the dig into


Miles 2,3,4- Should be at sub 7 pacing (hanging on 75%)


Finish off the loop with at 60% (roughly 8 mile pace)

 BIKE 1:20

20:00 warm up spin, gradually bringing your HR up to 70% (no higher)
3 x 3:00 ILT w/30 sec recovery after each
— each repeat should be
3 x (20 sec one leg / 10 sec transition / 20 sec other leg / 10 sec transition)
2X5X5– 5 minutes of hard 84 percent 5 minutes of easy riding
30:00 cool down spin, holding your HR at 70% at first, then bringing it back down under 60% by the end. It should be relatively easy to keep your HR under control throughout today’s easy efforts.


SWIM 0:45
300 Swim
6 x 75 (50 Swim / 25 Kick) w/10 sec rest
1200 straight swim — hold your intensity @75%
4 x 75 w/15 sec rest
RUN 1:00  (tough one for the week)
Now that we’re near the approach of Springtime (again, at least up north), it’s time to introduce a little more high quality work during the high intensity week. Today’s big target workout contains slightly higher intensity than last time’s, continuing our progression toward the Competitive Season.
15:00 warm up jog
Intermediate set:
4 x (15 sec fast leg turnover / 45 sec recovery jog) – continuous
3 x (1600 / 1 mile / 7:00) w/(400 / 2:00) recovery @65% after each
#1 @75%; #2 @84%; #3 @85+% (challenge yourself!)
Record your times during this descending set for future comparison.
Your final mile should be faster than your 10K PR pace.
Continue jogging, cooling down completely. Your HR should be back under 60% before the end. Finish with 2-3 minutes of steady walking, bringing your HR under 50% before stopping.

Friday – 0:40 Light spin, just getting the legs primed for the weekend.


SWIM 1:00  (good idea to get this guy in first thing in the morning)


Swim 200-  Pull 200 – 100 kick – 100 backstroke – pull 200 -swim 200


4×500  –  4x 2 easy -2 fast (75-80 percent effort) – 20 seconds rest/  roughly on 9:00 minutes.  (should have a wrist watch to see how fast things are moving)


200 swim


BIKE 2:00  (if this is in doors fallow this set up–outside, I’ll try and get 3 hours on in.  If im outside I’ll make up a loop and get 2 or 3 20 minute tt loops and record the times.)

20:00 warm up spin, using a gearing pyramid to get into it slowly.
Aerobic Set:
This is designed to add some aerobic “bulk” to today’s session — do it at the suggested intensities, and get ready for the main set.
2 x (6.2mi / 10km / 17:00) @75% w/3:00 recovery spin @60% after each
Intermediate Set:
During this set your HR intensity should bridge the gap from 75% up to 84%, getting your body ready for some higher quality, high intensity work.
4 x 20 sec fast spinning (120 rpm) w/40 sec recovery spinning (90 rpm) after each – continuous
This set is described in terms of time; if you have a CompuTrainer, or if your cyclometer is driven off your rear wheel, then you can substitute the distances (in parenthesis below) for the time. Be sure to record your times and average HR’s for future comparisons.
– You should definitely notice some significant improvement over the past four weeks–take good notes!
3 x (8:30 / 3.1mi / 5km) time trial @84% w/2:30 recovery btwn 60-70%
Continuous spinning until your HR is back under 60%. Adjust your gearing such that your cadence remains at roughly 90 rpm through the end of the session. Good job!
RUN 0:50  ( I use the treadmill for this so I can’t cheat.  Have it at 2% percent incline.)
Jump into this right after the bike and at about 75% percent first mile, then settle into that effort level. Keep your heart rate under the 75%  (140 for me)  and hold that for a total of 4 miles (including the warm up mile)  
You should be hanging on, or very close to going over 75 percent, then dial it down for 2 miles.  (7 mile pace)
Cool down to a walk– Strectch after a solid day.

This is the end of a particularly hard week, and it will be the biggest bulk so far but well will continue to build of this for the next 2 weeks after this one.

RUN 1:30
This low-intensity aerobic work at the end of a tough week is very important to initiate the recovery process. Don’t look at this as another opportunity to go beat your brains out — we’ve done enough of that already! Keep your HR under 75%, avoid any big-time hills (save them for later!), and relax.
BIKE 0:45
Spin out after your run, flushing your legs out with fresh blood. The intensity level here should stay close to 60%, and you need to hydrate like crazy after your run to improve your body’s recovery process.