::26 week training plan Complete::

The 26 week plan was created to get me ready for Ironman Couer D’alene on June 26th 2013.  I basically started seriously training the 2nd to 3rd week of January.  This plan has brought me to a 4:30 half distance ironman in May and a 9:50 Ironman, and then another 3 weeks after Ironman CDA, 4:20 half ironman to finish off the season.   I was hoping for a 9:30-40 this year but the bike didn’t go as planned…

This is a proven plan that has has given me 2 sub 10 hour ironman (Kona 2012) while working full time in the concrete/ construction industry. The plan been shaped over 3 years after the trifuel model. I also do almost 90 percent of the training alone without any outside coaching.  I had a background in swimming, and had completed one sub 3 hour marathon before I entered triathlon.

Hopefully this plan will help others enjoy the sport, but also understand the work that is involved.  Weeks range from 11 hours all the way up to 23.  I never did a week over 25 hours, even on training camp week get aways.  Train smart and always listen to your body.  The plan is meant to be used as a source, if you decided to follow it, you use it at your own discretion.  Steal workouts, ideas or try a week.  

For 2014 I will be creating another plan that will hopefully get me in the mid to low 9 hour range for Ironman.  It will be a similar type plan but taken to a new level.  Starting in Jan of 2014~

Intro to the plan