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:: $250, 000 for RUN for Water ::

I’ve watched as well as participated in this event, and seen it grown into a first class event with pretty much all distances in its platform. It also recently added a 55km ultra run on the Saturday. Raise 1,500 bux and you can put yourself through some serious mental testing. I knew a good handful of people running all the distances with a few running the ultra and one crazy guy doing the ultra then lacing them up the next day for the full marathon.

::The run at the end of my street. About 2km to the starting line.::

The half and full marathon goes through some of my favorite training spots, with a very flat and no interruptions course. In my opinion, this is one of the best half and full marathons out there. Did I mention this is also an official Boston Qualifier as well! 5km, 10km, half marry, full marry, and ultra…and a great cause! I’m thinking I better change up my scheduling for next year so I can run this again!

::Half marathoners about 1km into their run::

4200 plus, up over 1,000 from last year and I do believe they raised over 250,000. That is insane! Huge community support and will increase in numbers for sure. A little prize money always helps too…

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