::2014 Art Set::

I have 3 pieces that were originally created for the Calgary Stampede show in which they never made it there.  I haven’t been able to find time to get these up and shown anywhere but my basement.  I would like to sell these before I create a new set this winter.  These are my latest pieces and are original pieces.  All three, are framed with cedar and are nice and light for easy hanging.  Each image is unique and is created to make it work with the selected piece of wood.  Images are really tough to show off the quality and uniqueness of the one.  If any interest, just leave me a comment and I’ll get back to you.


39×19  in inches-This was an old barn out in the country just outside of Oliver.


40×20-  Image is of the corn fields out in Chilliwack- along the country roads.


39-17.5 inches is a field on the way to Spokane Washington. This is my personal favorite out of the three, hoping the next set I create work as good as this one. The 3 quarter view shows a bit more depth of the three pieces.