2010 Race Year

Looking forward to a busy year, with a few things on the list to get ready for,  half-marathon in February, Full marathon in May, and  one maybe two half Ironmans in June and July with the Ironman in August.  The two major focuses are, another try at a Boston qualifier in Vancouver on May 2nd and a solid finish to the Ironman in Penticton on August 29th.  I’m looking at a top 100 finish for the Ironman but wouldn’t really know where I stand until I finish a half Ironman.  A 10 hour 15 minute race gets close to that list but might be a bit quick…I guess time will tell.

I’ll be using the Heart and Stroke Foundation to raise some money, and will be hopefully getting some shirts made up in the near future with a section for donation off this site.  Should be a fun and eventful year with some excitement mixed in.