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10-10-10 Victoria weekend racing

sun was out for the marathoners

1:27.33 was the lucky number this weekend for the goodlife marathon in Victoria.  I was hoping for more smooshing of my time but I can tell I needed to do a bit more speed work.  I am finding it hard to get into these fall races,  starting a race in the dark with crisp air just isn’t the same as a hot summer morning.

Overall the giant crew then went over had raced some very solid times and are already looking to improve on the benchmarks with myself included.  A sub-3 hour marathon will require me to get my half time down to a 1:24 area.

Overall I thought the race was ready well managed and signage was great, but I found that the route moves around a lot.  A lot of turns, and little rolling hills,  I could never ready feel like I was in a good rhythm.  Weather ended up great for the 42.2 guys, but I think the wind was a bit too rough for the short distance guys.  Sun ended up ripping through in the afternoon making for an all around solid weekend.

Coming home to the finish